Builder Business – A Growing Opportunity

Today’s Loan Officer Breakfast Club session offered invaluable insights into securing builder business, featuring industry expert Kevin Gillespie. Kevin, who is gearing up to launch his Builder Bootcamp this Thursday, shared critical strategies from his vast experience in the sector.

Builder Business – A Growing Opportunity:

Kevin highlighted that builder business currently accounts for about 25% of all purchase transactions nationally, a notable rise from the historical average of 12%. In some regions, this figure even spikes to 50%, emphasizing the increasing importance of connecting with builders in today’s market.

Today’s Top Strategies:

From his extensive list of 16 powerful strategies, Kevin shared two particularly effective methods today:

Partnering with Small to Mid-sized Builders: Approach builders and offer to bring pre-approved buyers. Ask if they would allow you to handle the loans while still offering the same incentives as their in-house lenders. This strategy has proven effective for me personally on two occasions.

Leveraging Unique Loan Products: Engage builders or their sales teams by presenting unique financial products that their in-house lenders might not offer, such as bridge loans, grant programs, or bank statement loans. This approach can position you as a secondary lender of choice for their projects.

Learn More at Builder Bootcamp:

For those eager to delve deeper and master all 16 strategies, Kevin’s Builder Bootcamp is an essential resource. You can register and find more information at Don’t miss this chance to enhance your skills and tap into this lucrative market segment.

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Today’s session was a testament to the rich learning opportunities available through our club. I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming sessions, where we continue to explore innovative strategies and grow together.