I Don’t Know, I Was Talking to Somebody Else: The Power of Staying Connected

Years ago, I joined a coaching program that emphasized consistent communication with past clients. When my coach advised me to make phone calls to my past clients, I was hesitant, as I hadn’t spoken to some in years. His response was simple, “That’s why you’re going to start doing it now.” He recommended 25 calls a day, five days a week, aiming for 125 calls a week over a month to see the results. I decided to follow his advice, and what I discovered was eye-opening.

Firstly, anyone I managed to reach was genuinely happy to hear from me, regardless of the time that had passed. It didn’t matter if it had been months or years; their enthusiasm was consistent. This was a powerful reminder that our clients do appreciate us reaching out and maintaining that personal connection.

Secondly, the number of transactions I picked up was impressive. In the first month alone, I secured about half a dozen transactions, including personal needs and referrals. This underscored the value of staying in touch with clients, as it directly translated into business opportunities.

However, the most shocking revelation was how many transactions I had lost simply by not making phone calls. Despite being diligent with monthly mailers, which I assumed kept me top of mind, I discovered otherwise. During my calls, I often heard clients say, “I don’t know, I was talking to somebody else,” when I asked why they didn’t reach out to me for their recent transactions. They admitted to receiving my mailers, but the lack of direct communication led them to work with other LO’s they had been talking to.

This realization was not just limited to past clients. Pre-approved and looking clients, who may take weeks or months to find the right property, require consistent weekly communication. If we’re not the ones reaching out to them, someone else likely will, risking the loss of those transactions.

To combat this, the Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program emphasizes a structured approach to client communication. Every Wednesday, we call two letters of the alphabet from our past client database, ensuring we touch base with each client at least once per quarter. On Thursdays, we reach out to our pre-approved and looking clients, followed by their associated real estate partners. This systematic approach helps maintain strong relationships and keeps us top of mind, reducing the chances of hearing, “I don’t know, I was talking to somebody else.”

In conclusion, regular communication with your past clients and pre-approved prospects is crucial. The simple act of making phone calls can lead to increased business and prevent lost opportunities. The regret of losing a transaction because you didn’t stay in touch is something no originator wants to experience. So, make those calls and keep those connections strong. If you need help structuring your outreach, visit dailysuccessplan.com to schedule a call with our team and learn more about effective client communication strategies.