Me and My Tribe

In the dawn’s early light, we rise with the sun, Together we gather, our day’s just begun. With energy high and spirits so bright, Me and my tribe, we’re ready to fight.

No challenge too great, no mountain too tall, With breakfast club’s wisdom, we conquer it all. Each call that we make, each lesson we learn, Together we flourish, together we yearn.

Through Call Stars we gather, our goals in sight, With focus and drive, we reach for the light. No whispers of doubt, no shadows of fear, Me and my tribe, we hold each other near.

When setbacks arise and clouds fill the sky, With unwavering strength, we soar and we fly. Encouragement flows, like a river so wide, Me and my tribe, in unity, we abide.

No noise can distract, no hurdles too steep, With hearts full of passion, our victories we keep. Through laughter and tears, through triumph and grind, Me and my tribe, success we shall find.

With every sunrise, our journey unfolds, A story of triumph, a vision so bold. In the face of the storm, our spirits won’t break, Me and my tribe, our dreams we shall make.

We lift one another, we stand side by side, In the heart of the struggle, our strength is our pride. Through the highs and the lows, our spirits entwine, Me and my tribe, our stars always align.

So here’s to the journey, the path that we pave, With the power of unity, the battles we brave. Together we conquer, together we thrive, Me and my tribe, forever alive.

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