You Can’t Shake a Gallon of Water out of a 12-Ounce Cup: Evaluating Your Business Sources

Today’s Daily Spark, “You Can’t Shake a Gallon of Water out of a 12-Ounce Cup,” offers a critical lesson in managing expectations and resources in the mortgage industry. This metaphor highlights an essential truth: the output of our efforts is limited by the capacity of our sources—in this case, our referral partners.

As mortgage originators, it’s crucial to assess not just the quantity but the quality of leads and business opportunities generated through our networks. Recently, I undertook an analysis of the leads, pre-approvals, and contracts generated from my referral partners. The realization struck that I was expecting more business than my current partners could realistically provide. This insight came particularly after my energetic Monday calls yielded less reward than anticipated, underlining a mismatch between my expectations and their capacity.

This epiphany led me to re-evaluate the origination potential of my network. Using the AI CRM’s RETR, I conducted a search for new agents who align better with my business aspirations. The tool facilitated a seamless integration of new contacts into my CRM, setting the stage for more fruitful marketing campaigns.

The lesson here is clear: Regularly assess the business potential of your referral partners. It’s easy to grow comfortable with existing relationships, but comfort does not always correlate with productivity. Our referral partners may be excellent at their jobs and great personal friends, yet still lack the capacity to meet our business needs. Recognizing this limitation is not a reflection of their professional value; it is an acknowledgment of their current business realities.

For those feeling stuck or unsure about how to assess and expand their referral networks, help is available. Consider visiting to schedule a consultation. The experts at Mortgage Marketing Animals can offer guidance on identifying and nurturing the right relationships to enhance your business growth.

In conclusion, while loyalty and personal relationships are valuable, they must be balanced with business acumen. Continuously evaluating and adjusting your professional network is essential for sustained success. Remember, you can’t shake a gallon of water out of a 12-ounce cup—so make sure your business container is big enough to hold all the opportunities you intend to capture.