Breaking the Myth of Absolutes

Today, I want to address a common mental trap that many loan officers fall into—the use of absolute terms like “everyone,” “nobody,” “all,” and “none.” These words can significantly impact your mindset, motivation, and discipline. Let’s break this down and see why it’s important to avoid these absolutes.

The Fallacy of Absolutes:

When making calls or seeking new business, it’s easy to become discouraged if you hear a few “no’s” or encounter some challenges. You might start thinking, “Everybody says no,” or “Nobody has any business right now.” These thoughts can destroy your motivation and discipline to keep pushing forward. However, these statements are rarely true.

Reality Check:

  1. “Everyone” and “Nobody”: It’s not everyone saying no or nobody having business. In reality, only some people might say no, and some agents might not have business right now. But many others are still actively seeking opportunities and partnerships.
  2. “All” and “None”: Similarly, not all agents have another loan officer they work with, and not all markets are slow. There are always pockets of activity and agents looking for reliable partners.

Proof Against Absolutes:

If absolutes like “everyone,” “nobody,” “all,” and “none” were true, then why can we have two loan officers in the exact same market with vastly different results? One loan officer might be excelling while the other struggles. This disparity is proof that absolutes are a fallacy. Success is often a result of persistence, mindset, and strategy.

The Power of Perspective:

By shifting your perspective from absolutes to specifics, you can maintain a more positive and realistic outlook. Recognize that while some might not be interested or currently busy, many others are open to new opportunities. This mindset helps you stay motivated and disciplined in your outreach efforts.

Action Steps:

  1. Acknowledge the Positive: Focus on the positive responses and opportunities you encounter, no matter how few. Each yes is a step forward.
  2. Avoid Absolutes: Consciously avoid using absolute terms when assessing your situation. Replace “everyone” and “nobody” with “some” and “many.”
  3. Stay Consistent: Keep making calls and reaching out, knowing that each interaction is an opportunity to find those who are ready to work with you.

Remember, the market is full of opportunities, and your success depends on staying disciplined and maintaining a realistic, positive mindset.

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